Areas of Practice

Family Law

  • Family Law
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce
  • Spousal and Child Support
  • Custody
  • Adoptions

Supinka & Supinka, PC has years of experience in Family Law matters.  We represent clients with respect to prenuptial agreements, divorce, property settlements, child custody, alimony, spousal support, and adoptions..

We have over twenty-five years of experience with the procedures of the Domestic Relations Section, the Child Custody Mediation Program and the Divorce Master System which are currently in effect in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Family law matters in particular require compassion and sensitivity. We treat each case in a professional and confidential manner. We offer the legal advice necessary to help protect your interests and achieve your goals.

Real Estate Law and Title Insurance

  • Purchase/Sale of Property
  • Deeds
  • Easements
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Assessment Appeals
  • Zoning Issues
  • Title Insurance

Supinka & Supinka, PC provides a broad range of real estate legal services.  We offer assistance with the purchase and sale of your home or business property, including preparation of the deed and completion of the bank financing.  We work closely with the realtors and bankers to coordinate residential and commercial real estate closings. We represent clients with respect to leases, landlord/tenant disputes, zoning, and eminent domain.

Mr. Michael Supinka is a licensed title insurance agent in Pennsylvania. When you buy property, title insurance is desired or required to ensure that you obtain good and marketable title to the property. Mr. Supinka is the President of CTM Settlement Co., LLC (CTM), which is a licensed title insurance agency in Pennsylvania. CTM provides title searches and title insurance for buyers and lenders.

Estate Law

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directives
  • Estate Administration

Supinka & Supinka, PC works with clients to preserve current assets and minimize tax consequences for present and future generations.  We consider matters such as transferring the family business, current gifting and charitable donations.

We assist our clients in estate planning through the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, and Trusts to meet the wishes of our clients.

After the death of a loved one, we also assist our clients in estate administration and help executors administer the estate, prepare inheritance tax returns, file final accounts, and make distribution of the assets.

Business Law

  • Creating or dissolving business
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Purchase or sale of business
  • Admitting a new owner

Deciding the right legal structure has many consequences. Supinka & Supinka, PC can help you decide what type of legal structure is best for you. The clients of Supinka & Supinka, PC include individuals, family and business corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and nonprofit organizations.

We represent clients on critical issues such as creating the legal entity, admitting a new member, buying and selling a business, obtaining loans for the business, shareholder agreements, and dissolving the legal entity.

In the area of nonprofit organizations we represent church groups, museums, animal shelters, libraries, youth booster clubs and other charities.  We offer experienced legal assistance regarding federal tax-exemption, obtaining state sales and use tax exemption, charitable solicitation registration and annual federal and state filing requirements.

Whether you are thinking of creating a legal entity or have a problem related to your current business, Supinka & Supinka, PC will provide the help you need.


If you have been sued or are thinking of filing a lawsuit, Supinka & Supinka, PC is ready to help. We understand that becoming involved in a lawsuit involves emotional and financial costs. The process of the lawsuit may continue to trial where a judge or jury decides the dispute. However, many times the lawsuit is resolved in the legal process prior to trial. The attorneys of Supinka & Supinka, PC work to achieve the results needed by their clients in the most cost-effective manner.

Whether you are faced with a lawsuit or thinking of bringing a lawsuit, Supinka & Supinka, PC is ready to help you in the legal system.

Municipal Law

  • Zoning
  • Eminent Domain
  • Subdivision

Supinka & Supinka, PC has many years of experience on matters involving Pennsylvania Municipal Law.  We represent individual clients with respect to zoning, subdivision, fire and building code ordinances, eminent domain litigation, and dedication of public streets and rights-of-way.  We represent municipalities and municipal authorities on matters such as the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act, the Sunshine Laws, and the Ethics Act.

Supinka & Supinka, PC has participated in the initiatives to expand commercial and business development in Indiana County through the development of municipal tax abatement and special assessment programs.